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venting transome windows above doors

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so i want to put venting transome windows above some of my interior doors in my addition. i have anderson 400 series in the addition- so do i put in awning windows so they match? i thought of just buying sashes and making the frames but the sashes are as much as the awning windows.... sould i just buy plate glass and make the whole deal? ideas?
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I'd definitely go the awning option. Unless you are an extremely skilled craftsman , it will be hard to match a factory fit and finish if you make it yourself. Even then, your time is $$$, so it probably won't be any cheaper.
i thought the same way but didnt know if and exterior window would look odd inside- and if a sash with chain to hold it open would look good being 7' above the floor----- high work not eye work......
I totally missed the INTERIOR part... Is this addition a sunroom or 3 season room where you need it to seal at certain times, or is it always conditioned and you just want some added circulation or the "dramatic" appearance... If the latter, you could possibly make something that looks decent with some locking hinges. If you do go with a full frame window, you'll probably want to order something with wood interior and exterior. Cladding would probably look pretty weird on an interior window.
good call on the wood vs cladding- i hadnt even thought that. the room will always be conditioned and it is for both circulation and appearence....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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