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This is my first post and I would really appreciate your support. I am installing a new AC Unit and Furnace. Unfortunately, my previous unit vented through the chimney while at the same time the AC and Furnace duct work also goes throught the same chimney. I believe this is illegal. But if it is possible I would like to keep the duct work in the chimney and find a way to vent the furnace somewhere else. Is it possible to vent the furnace out the wall? Any other ideas?

Joe in Baltimore

(FYI-This is a historic row house in Fells Point, circa 1890)

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Then you'll need approval from the historical society to side wall vent it.
It will require a power vent if its an 80% furnace.
If its a 90%+ then it can be direct vented out the wall, if you have the clearances.

What efficiency furnace is it.
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