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Ventilation options for an oil burning furnace

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Hello everyone,

I am remodeling a house that has an oil burning furnace in it. Some of the walls are being replaced with headers, and one of the headers runs right through where a the chimney is for my oil furnace. I am replacing the oil furnace with a natural gas furnace, but I need to wait for utilities to install a line from the road and a meter.

I have waited for about 3 months, and I am now ready to install headers. How can I properly vent this oil burning furnace after I remove the chimney without spending 1,500 on a blower fan set up that will only be removed in a month or two?

Thanks :)

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A month or two? Run a couple of electric construction heaters, may be able to use stove/dryer circuits or do some temp plugs...

Watch out for amperage. Can't recommend running more than 10kw or so (considering there are other loads) on a 100 amp service. think they're 5kw each.

Expect to have high energy costs, but lower than trying to put in some temporary b-vent.
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Needs either a vertical chimney, or a power ventor. Other wise, space heaters instead of the oil furnace.
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Or delay that one wall.... Utilities can be deadly slow though. Good luck.

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