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I want to ventilate two adjacent bathrooms. I've come up with 2 vent design plans.

I've attached the images depicting both the Design Plans apparently. Please see those.

In 'Design1', I'm planning to install a single exhaust fan in Store Room which will pull the air from both the bathrooms. I am not pretty sure if it would be able to ventilate both bathrooms.

In 'Design2', each bathroom has an Exhaust Fan but a common duct is used. And, both fans would be running simultaneously. I am afraid, 1 bathroom's smell should not go to another, via duct pipe.

Please review and suggest me the good plan. You can also suggest a new plan. The house is in construction phase so you can modify any plan for the best ventilation.

Your ideas will be highly appreciated :) !!


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If its going to be a tight house. Then I would use an HRV to exhaust the bathrooms. That way you get make up air also.
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