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I am having a new roof put on my house real soon, in the mean time I thought that this would be an opportune time to replace the 60 year old rubber flashing around the galvanized pipe that feeds my electric entrance, I have to do this correctly the first time because the electric company will have to disconnect the wires for me to do it. My question is this, do I just slide the new "Oatey" boot down over the dry galvanized pipe or should I lube the pipe in attempts to reduce the friction on this old pipe. I want this new install to seal around the pipe as good as possible.
The new flashing says "Do Not Use With Petroleum Based Compounds" so I guess that eliminates vasoline, like I was thinking.
Any and all advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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I have installed too many to count and IMO the problem of stretching out the collar isn't with the downward motion as much as it is with the downward then twisting and then going back up and down several times.

The collar is made to flex then relax back into place providing your not really pulling and tugging back and forth.

I would really refrain from adding a lubricant type product.If it was necessary they would enclose a procedure instruction or adding the lubricant with the product.

I could feel comfortable saying that you could be over thinking the issue.

Also I am in no way discrediting or degrading electricians but I would have your contractor on sight when the flashing is installed.

In my area I have roofed a couple thousand new construction homes and every 50-1 had a call back due to the electricians installing the flashing incorrectly resulting in a leak.

Once again I am NOT trying to belittle electricians everywhere,,,just around S.W Missouri.,

( 50-1 complete guess,,,give or take either way)
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