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Vent in furnace closet, can I cover it?

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We are getting a very cold draft coming from or Furnace and Hotwater closet. In this closet there is a grate covering a hole that leads directly to the under house crawl space. Is there a reason for this vent that is situated next to the hotwater tank and furnace? Can I cover it during the cold of winter to stop the cold air entering the house?

I would love to be able to cover it up, because the air pouring into the house is extremely cold, which causes the furnace to constantly run.

Thanks in advance.

ps. I can send a link to a video if you need more information.
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I wish I could post an image but since this is my first post I am not allowed to post links.

I will try to describe what I am seeing.

I found another vent in the ceiling, maybe it goes out to the roof, and maybe its left behind from the old furnace hookup. If this is true then do you think I could go ahead and cover the lower vent that is letting in all the cold air?
No. Code requires a high and low combustion air intake.

Does your furnace gets its return air through the louvered door, or is it ducted to the furnace. If ducted to the furnace. You can put on a solid door.
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