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Vent in furnace closet, can I cover it?

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We are getting a very cold draft coming from or Furnace and Hotwater closet. In this closet there is a grate covering a hole that leads directly to the under house crawl space. Is there a reason for this vent that is situated next to the hotwater tank and furnace? Can I cover it during the cold of winter to stop the cold air entering the house?

I would love to be able to cover it up, because the air pouring into the house is extremely cold, which causes the furnace to constantly run.

Thanks in advance.

ps. I can send a link to a video if you need more information.
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My heating system in a closet on a concrete slab would be equal to yours I suspect with 2 pipes coming from the attic. One pipe opening terminates at ceiling level and the second drops down near floor level.

At the time my house was built the builder said a solid core door was code and he even installed a threshold with a rubber seal. I suppose in some instances weather stripping around the door could be advantageous. Water heater in a separate closet with all the above.
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