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Vent free fireplace

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I am sure this has likely been covered in the future we plan to build a new house and I was wondering about a gas fireplace. I just want one for emergency power outages in the winter. I was wondering if a vent free fireplace would be okay for this since I have read article that they aren't that safe. So was wondering if I should go with a vent free or pay more and have a vented gas fireplace. Again all I would use it for is if power went out to keep the house warm. That is pretty rare for that to happen here unless we have an ice storm

I was wondering what other people experiences with a vent free fireplace was like. Like I said I read they aren't that safe on some sites and you need to keep the clean for them to work right.
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Direct vented, even the models that don't require power are quite safe. Like ALL appliances, they have to be maintained and kept clean. These are the most common in my area. Unit with fans (both for venting and heated air) are a bit more efficient, but require power.

The direct fired or non-venting type are illegal in my area. They need considerable ventilation, so you'll have to keep windows open a bit, even if it's very cold outside. Quite dangerous in tight houses in my opinion, but many people around the world seem to use them regularly.

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