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Vehicule Tires left on wood floor leaves bad

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Ok look, i'm having a bad day ....
I have left on the floor some winter tires. Now need to change them on the car and i see bad marks on the floor.
It's like the contour of the tire left a print mark on the floor....

I have tried all kind of stuff... magic eraser, lighter oil, degreaser of all sort .... now, the only option i have left was to sand the damn thing out...
Obviously i just cant sand the wood floor because it leave bad marks on it ...

What are my options.. PLEASE I NEED DESPERATE HELP...

Here's some pictures

P.S. The mark seems really encrusted in the floor...inside of it... The only method i was able to remove some was to sand the floor with 80 sand paper....

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Ansewered your own question, sand and refinish.
Where they laying there a long time or something? I can't believe a tire laying there would do that.
yes they have been sitting for a long period of time... i mean probably 7-8 months...I live in canada... those were my winter tires...
After that, i decided to leave the tires at the garage.
You must be single or have a very tolerant lady to have left winter tires sitting on that lovely floor for 7-8 months. This is why we nag gentlemen.
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