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VCT tile in residential kitchen

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I have been doing extensive research on using VCT in the home and hoping I can get some solid opinions here. I am going for a retro look (black and white). I have read the manufacturers recommendations on how to maintain VCT, but it is only aimed at commercial institutions. I have read posts in various locations about maintenance ranging from "do nothing and live with the matte finish" to "put 12 coats of sealer only and its good for 10 years".

I would like to hear from people that have installed it in their homes and have lived with it for a few years. What did you do and how has it been?
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Vinyl composition tiles are not what I would consider desirable for a residential kitchen. Basement floor fine, not for the kitchen, too cheap and not the easiest to maintain. But solid vinyl tiles would be much better. You should be able to find solid colors. I'd be searching for sheet vinyl in a checkerboard pattern first.

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WIth sheet vinyl there will be no gaps to open up, no way for water to get to the subflooring.
I did something similar. Was a cheap flipper I was working on.
I was at restore one day searching for something .... is a non profit retail store for habitat for humanity.
I also know that when a walmart store is built, they donate the extra materials at the end of the job.
So when I walked into restore and seen enough vct to do 10 houses, I knew it was from walmart donation. .... And it was a cheap price!

I figured if it would handle the commercial traffic of a big super store, would be fine in a cheap house.

My only 2 cents is, is the only time I used it, I also went with a checker board pattern since was more then two colours available. I spent the extra few dollars for a commercial glue and not the homeowner crap available at big box stores.
5 years later, The young couple that own it now, I still go over and help them when things break, .... still looks like the day I installed it. I think it may last forever.
But is commercial looking and not what I would really want in my home.
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That's the point, it's kinda ugly for residential. Commercial VCT is 1/8" and color/pattern goes all the way through. It's not gonna wear out in your home. Lasting a long time does not make it good. Being a composition, it's very porous and not easy to maintain. Solid vinyl is much better, it's more comparable to sheet vinyl. But VCT can work and it's real cheap.

In commercial use the tiles are buffed and or waxed with vinyl dressing and buffed, this happens on a regular basis. often every night.

I know its a very specific look. If you google search images, you can see many retro homes being done in this style. Its not for everyone, I can appreciate that, but it is the look I am going for. Just hoping to see if there is someone with some insight on the maintanance end of it after living with it for a few years.

Thanks for the tip on the commercial adhesive and Restore (we have those here too, in Alberta). I have heard to stay away from all the box store products and make sure you get the cleaning supplies from a janitorial supply.
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