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Vaulted Ceiling??

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We have low ceilings and living in the Northwest it can feel a little dreary. I was wondering what it would be like to open up our ceiling in the living room. We have a fairly open plan, but I don't think that would be a problem for this. I was wondering if you can simply remove the current ceiling and leave the rest open with the rafter exposed. I would like it to be all white. What I am wondering is, first is this possible, and what would a need to do with the bottom side of the roof. Would I need to apply some type of treatment to this? Would I need to sheetrock and insulate the roof area, or could I leave it as is? I know I would need some framing in between the living and dining area so that it was not all open. Is this a huger undertaking, expensive, and difficult to DIY?
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I don't think it's quite as simple as you're picturing it. If you leave the existing ceiling joists exposed, they likely won't be very nice to look at (even painted white). Yes the roof would have to be insulated by some means (come on, you live in the Northwest). Trying to get drywall up in the "attic space" in large enough pieces (with the ceiling joists in place) to make finishing a reality, would be a REAL pain. Removing the ceiling joists to make an actual vaulted ceiling as it should be, will take the advice of a structural engineer and will be quite costly. Those joists serve a purpose in the structural integrity of the building.....
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