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I'm in the middle of a kitchen reno and have a few questions to ask. My location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The kitchen is directly above the room that contains the electrical panel, and the ceiling is wide open. I've gone through a few books, and some questions I can't find perfect answers, and some I'm just curious on preferences.

1) I will have a corner sink, 36" wide, so my 2' starts at the edge of the sink. This is directly below a window situated 49" above the floor (countertop @ 36"), while my outlets are centered 42" above the floor. There's no issue with placing an outlet here, correct? (window trim won't interfere)

2) The two plugs next to the sink are GFCI protected. The plug that each of these is feeding is outside the wet zone. Do you generally just protect that next plug with the GFCI, or wire it non-protected?

3) I have a direct feed going to the dishwasher through the wall - does this need to be stapled to the stud prior to going through the wall, even though it's only a few inches above the plate?

4) Embarrassing question: I have a closet I put new drywall on and ran a new electrical wire for a light. It is at the front door, right in front, directly next to the kitchen. It was a direct wire from a plug, and I wasn't going to call an inspector on it, for better or worse. And as I noted, I put new drywall on it, and it is going to be in an unfinished state when the inspector comes out - 5 coats of mud so far... I'm just a horrible finisher! Am I basically screwed on the electrical I ran, and he'll need me to remove the drywall?

One non-kitchen question:

5) Drop ceilings are allowed to have hidden junction boxes - those ceilings where you staple them to up furring strips, are they allowed to have hidden junction boxes? I found some in our house, and don't know if they constitute a drop ceiling or not.

Thanks in advance...

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1. Below the window and above the counter will not be a problem.
2. Your choice.
3. The hole in the stud is considered support.
4. Probably not unless your other work is so poor he thinks this one might be as well.
5. Stapled up ceiling are not drop ceilings. They are not removable. Anything behind them would be considered hidden. No junction boxes allowed unless you left a removable hatch.
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