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vapor barrier repair - conflicting ideas - thoughts appreciated

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HI, I have just completed repairing an interior wall cavity leak originating from the roof and want to rebuild. Roof is fixed and I have removed the damaged insulation and drywall. This was in a corner and cut back 2 studs on each walll from the corner Cut out the vapor barrier (plastic sheeting) to get the insulation out and left an overhang of several inches at the edges of the repair.

Am hearing 2 things, one is to get more plastic sheeting and tape it to the existing sheeting and reseal to the floor plate. The other is to buy batt insulation with a vapor barrier and attach it to the studs as per the directions for the repaired area and leave the plastic sheeting as is.

Any thoughts as to which would be better and/or easier?

Obviously do not want to put new drywall in if I am leaving a problem behind. My thought is to tape new plastic sheeting to the old as the better method.

Thoughts appreciated.
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Either will work, but plastic sheeting gives better coverage, fewer gaps.
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