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Vapor barrier basement ceiling edge?

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Good day Folks. New here and really impressed with the forum and info.

I have a question. Our family room floor is 3' below grade and we are replacing the old ceiling and wall paneling with new drywall. Where the walls meet the ceiling we have installed new insulation. There is 6 mil vapor barrier on the walls. Do we need to place the VB to seal the upper corners (see pic). Thnxs.


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i replaced my insulation there with spray foam. closed cell.

more $$ but easier to vapor seal that way. the old insulation that was in there was borderline moldy if I remember right.
visqueen below grade? generally, that is not a good idea, and can be very bad. i would not use poly, unless code mandated or you are in a very cold spot. i think i'd either ditch the fg insulation and replace it w/ rigid foam, caulking or spray foaming around the edges, or put thinner rigid foam right over the fb and seal it as above. fg batts are generally pretty crappy insulation, but you did an excellent job installing them, which helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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