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Vanity wobbly and not flush with wall

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to secure my bathroom vanity and it's fairly wobbly. I realized it's not flush with the wall -- possibly because the wall is not a straight 90ndegrees. I placed some thin strips of wood underneath the vanity to shimmy it up, and it helps a bit, but it's still wobbly. I'm not sure how to make the vanity secure and not wobbly, and how, if I should, secure it to the wall.

Attached is an image of the vanity and my wall.
I'm grateful for any advice for how I can proceed.


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To have installed this correctly in the first place it should have been done before the top went on, you set the box in place, check it for level across the back, once level it get's attached to the wall by screwing into the studs.
(Make sure to predrill pilot holes through the back support rail, use at least 2-1/2" long screws, and never use sheetrock screws.)
Once attached to the wall it can be shimmed front to back and the gaps covered at the floor with 1/4 round or shoe molding, the side wall can be done with something like cove molding.
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