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Vanity on Backerboard

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Does anyone know if I can place my new 48" double vanity directly on the AquaTough FiberRock backerboard or should a lay a piece of wood down? The backerboard is already over wood subflooring.

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I followed the manufacturer's instructions for installing it over wood subflooring. The backerboard seems like it can dent almost as easily as drywall, so I wasn't sure I should put a big heavy thing right on it. My vacuum made a few marks on it so I lost some confidence in its durability. I thought the vanity might sink a little over time and become unlevel.
I will install the tiles first. I guess I was going by the old vanity which was directly on the wood subflooring, but that just didn't seem right for backerboard.

Thanks everyone!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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