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Long story short we got a new vanity in our bathroom today. Looks fantastic and pure white at the showroom and outside. In the bathroom it turns a green color. It has some kind of fancy urethane finish. Is this due to the finish being effected by our lighting? That's the only thing I can think of anyway, please help! it's a fantastic vanity but now it doesn't look good at all! :furious:

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My guess is that it is your lighting. Look on line to familiarize yourself with color temps and how they correspond to light. You also want to make sure you buy bulbs with high color rendering indexes. Incadescents and halogens are good in this regard but warmer in color temp to start. Many florescents are not and give off that bluish/greenish cast because they emit limited amounts of the color spectrum. More pricey daylight ones sold as full spectrum have nice CRI approaching 100.

Here is quick little comparison chart I found awhile back to get you started. Again the K temp of the light source is only part of the equation. You want high CRI bulbs as well. Your broadest options may be at a lighting store.

1000K Candlelight
2000K Early Sunrise
2700-2900K Incandescent and Halogens; Warm White Florescent
3000-3500K Neutral White Florescent
4100K Cool White Florescent (Typical Office)
5000K Noon Daylight
5000-6500K Daylight Florescent
7000K Overcast Daylight
10000K North Light
30000K Ultraviolet
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