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valve manifold and box DIY?

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I am moving and replacing my valve manifold. I was thinking it would be nice to have the manifold sit on something other than dirt or rock so if a valve needed replaced it would not be such a pain. was thinking of some sort of mat? one that lets water through. of course I have never needed to replace a valve yet but as long as its going in new I would like to make it easier if it happens.

Second, the valve box. I have 6 maybe going to 7 or 8 zones/valves and that feels like too many valve boxes and maybe too much cost.
So I have been wondering about making one large box. treated wood? concrete? topping it is important it will be very visable so the lid needs to be preferably not too noticeable and durable. the valves and lines will be about 2 feet below grade.
So input on how to make a box and lid or why not.

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There are many kinds of commercially available valve boxes, most of them are fiber reinforced plastic of one type or another. I've never seen one made by someone, everyone I've ever seen was commercially available. I don't think it's a good application offer wood if you're going to build your own, concrete would be much better alternative.

Why are you going to be that deep? Most sprinkler lines are only 6" +/-deep, I've never seen any deeper than 12". Going 2 feet deep like you are talking about is going to be awful lot of work and I don't see any advantage to it.
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