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UV protection for open pore sycamore

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The car has an open pore sycamore dash. As you can see from the picture from another forum member, it starts to degrade. This is entirely by intent by the manufacturer.

However I'd prefer to protect mine from UV and heat and whatnot. I'm aware it won't last forever but I'd like to slow the ravages of time and the sun as much as possible.

What product can I use that won't alter the wood color or the Matt sheen too much?

So far teak oil and Anytime Clean And Polish with UV protection have been suggested. I'm looking for advise from the pros in here.



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are you going to do this in the vehicle?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "UV protection," but if you are looking to protect the wood like any other film finish would, then take your pick. As much as I dislike water based "poly," it may be ok for this application. Add a flattening agent such as this

if going the "oil" route, use a boiled linseed oil. 1/3 varnish, 1/3 BLO, 1/3 mineral spirits or turpentine. Teak oil = snake oil. You have no idea what the "teak" oil actually is, meaning you have no control over the process.

a waxless shellac would be what I would use. again, using flattening agents as desired. a little tougher to apply, not difficult. but a much more durable finish which is easily repairable.

finally, I'm only guessing the look you are looking for with the description above. I'm just a random dude on the internet. and i would remove the wood to finish it and then reinstall.
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