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Uv light help

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Good morning everyone,
I have a Sterilight SSM-37 UV light. I'm getting an A2 reading for low UV. I've replaced the lamp (the first time I replaced the lamp it was only 5 months old but figured maybe it was a dud- this one is brand new). I've taken the sensor out and cleaned the glass at the tip and I've taken the quartz sleeve out and cleaned it with vinegar. Everything powers up but I get the same warning.

I don't know what other options I have. Any ideas?

I feel like this one is teetering between getting someone to come out and fix it (at LEAST 95 for just the service call) or replacing it around 500.00. I just know the 95 can add quickly. The sensors are 300 to replace, the sleeves are 50.00, then I'd have to charge him 95 to come back out again. It seems like there are only so many things I can do on this one.
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When the controller is displaying the A2 condition it should alternate between "A2" and the measured UV level. What is that level?

If you’ve replaced the bulb and cleaned the quartz sleeve and sensor lens then the only other possible reasons for the continued alarm that I can think of are:
- Defective sensor
- Fault in the controller
- Excess water turbidity

I assume that you’ve eliminated the third possibility. A zero reading from the sensor could be a problem with either the sensor or the controller, but I’d guess that a problem with the former is more likely. Replacing either the sensor or the controller is an easy DIY procedure. If you have a technician come out he/she will only replace the one that has failed, whereas if you do this yourself you’ll be guessing. It comes down to a cost thing, then. If you guess correctly that it’s the sensor, your cost to replace will be less than paying for the service call and the inflated parts cost from the service company.

If you can really replace the unit for $500, vs $300 for the sensor I’d replace the unit, considering that it has been running for 7 years. My quick Google search didn’t see a monitored system like yours available for that low a price though.

If you do replace it, you might consider a version without the sensor, if you’re using the system as a “just in case”. Our tests of our well water never show coliform bacteria, so I’m comfortable having a system without a sensor, although I do check it monthly to ensure that the bulb is working. If you know that there is bacteria in your raw water, then I’d stick with a version with a sensor.

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You’re welcome. I’m not sure if that was a question, so…

Our system is like yours, except without the sensor. We test our raw water every two years. As long as there is no coliform bacteria (which the UV system is intended to kill), I’m OK with a system that if it fails we’re unlikely to ingest bacteria. I check it monthly to ensure that the bulb is working and I clean the quartz sleeve and replace the bulb yearly. If I knew that there was bacteria in the raw water I’d have a system like yours, where the amount of light hitting the water is monitored. In addition to generating an audible alarm to alert someone to take action, at least some of the systems can also output a signal to close a control valve to prevent untreated water from going through the unit.

You haven’t written what you intend to do to fix the problem, but good luck.

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