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Uv light help

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Good morning everyone,
I have a Sterilight SSM-37 UV light. I'm getting an A2 reading for low UV. I've replaced the lamp (the first time I replaced the lamp it was only 5 months old but figured maybe it was a dud- this one is brand new). I've taken the sensor out and cleaned the glass at the tip and I've taken the quartz sleeve out and cleaned it with vinegar. Everything powers up but I get the same warning.

I don't know what other options I have. Any ideas?

I feel like this one is teetering between getting someone to come out and fix it (at LEAST 95 for just the service call) or replacing it around 500.00. I just know the 95 can add quickly. The sensors are 300 to replace, the sleeves are 50.00, then I'd have to charge him 95 to come back out again. It seems like there are only so many things I can do on this one.
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if I scroll through everything, its 365, 2470 (or something close) and 00- then over to A2

When the controller is displaying the A2 condition it should alternate between "A2" and the measured UV level. What is that level?

THanks Chris. I appreciate the help. I must have done a quick search too- saw one for 497 or something like that- but it's looking like its not the exact same model number. I see another one for more like 900. I'm comfortable changing the sensor, I basically already did it anyway. But you mentioned getting one without the sensor. I'm not familar with UV systems in general. We live next to a farm which is why they installed it (they-old owner- also worked for a plumbing company so he installed a whole bunch of stuff I've never heard of- haha) but I've had it tested and it hasnt come back with anything.
THanks Chris. Sorry for the lack of question but that's what I was looking for. We have a contract with a Well Water testing company so they come out twice a year to test. I'm going to confirm there is no coliform and then probably see if I can find a system with no sensor that is hopefully in that 500.00 range
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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