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UV Blue Lights vs. other options

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I had the HVAC guy over for routine maintenance check. I asked how much it would cost to install a UV Blue light. He gave me the quote, but recommended something else.

It was referred to as RGF, which supposedly acts like a catalytic converter for HVAC systems where odors, bacteria, etc., reacts with the metal in the RGF and dies. I got a quote for $1,400/zone.

Also, he recommended something called a "kick start" for older compressors. He said that older compressors can lock up when they are near the end, and this "kick start" can prolong the life of a system. Cost = $240.
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Lennox has an incredibly good 3 part filter system, uv lights, catalyst and merv 16 filter:

explained very well on their site. The kick start is a money making idea on his part, it is a hard start capacitor and when a compressor seizes or gets stiff that prolongs the life for a very short time. They can explode and are a poor idea.
What your contractor is referring to is the high side of air sanitizing. Trane has theirs as well as Lennox. The same folks that make the BlueTube also make their own version called "Purity" and it is about half the price of the name brands.

It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If your concern is washing the coil area to reduce mold build up and to keep the coil clean, then a Stick style light(s) is the answer. If you are wanting "in-duct" air purification, I would look at the Sanuvox R models, and if you want the whole shootin match, go for the "Staged" type units like the Purity.

Good Luck.
and by the way those hard starts are about 15 bucks at the supply house
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