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Utility Sink in Basement

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I would like to put a utility sink in my basement. I have a 3" pipe stem, which is also a drain clean out, about 7' from where I want to put the sink. The pipe stem sticks up about 3' above the slab.

Can I cut the 3" pipe stem a few inches away from the slab and install a 3" - 2" wye and then run a 2" drain the 7' to where I want to put the sink? Also, what about venting? I live in Virginia and the house is only 2 years old and is built to code, so shouldn't the main drain already be vented properly?

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Here in massachusetts we are required to install a future vent in basement just for such purposes look around and see off there is a pipe marked future on it and it should be 2" pipe make sure you vent the sink the vent if u use 1 1/2" is 5' away if 2" 6' is good
I don't have anything marked future. I do have a 3" line coming out of my sump pump that goes up to the 1st floor. Would that be the vent? The 1 1/2" line coming from the sump pump is the drain.
The 3" vent is could be part of a radon mitigation system. At any rate, that isnt a vent you can tie into. Are there any other plumbing fixtures in the basement? If so, they should be vented and you could tie into that. If there is nothing, you could use an air admittance valve (AAV) if your code allows it.
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