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Hi All,

I am planning to make a patio using walkmaker (belgium block).
The patio will be divided into 2 section.
1st section will be 6' X 10' sqft and on the level of ground.
2nd section will be 19' X 10' sqft and it will be around 6'' to 8'' above the ground.
Basically it will be a step up patio.
I am planning to dig the ground about 6'' and fill in 4'' of gravel for 1st section.
For the 2nd section i am planning to just wipe the grass off and then place the retaining wall around the border.
then fill in the gravel for the retaining wall.
Once this is done, I am planning to use the walkmaker and create the necessary concrete pavers.
Please let me know if i am thinking correctly.
Is there a faul in my design.
Am i missing some thing here.
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