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Using Stix primer exterior

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I plan to use Stix primer over industrial fiberglass panels for an exterior privacy screen. It's too cold to apply the primer outside most of the day, so I'm wondering if it's ok to prime and paint the panels indoors and then move them outside after a couple of days. Talking to tech support at Benjamin Moore, he cast some doubt on whether it was a good idea to paint the external paint inside over the panels - planning to move them outdoors after a day or two of curing. He seemed to think it was o.k. to do this with the Stix primer, due to the Stix being for both exterior and interior use, but he wasn't sure about applying exterior paint indoors and then moving it outdoors.

Also, any opinions on how long the temperature needs to be at or above the 40 degrees application it's getting into the 20s at night here, and in the 40s and 50s during the day....hence, possibly painting indoors....
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