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using masonry type S and lathe to level floor

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I need to raise one side of my bath 3/4'' to bring it to level..
before I lay the tile.
The house is a 1930's pier and beam with2x8 joist 24'' OC - 1x8 CM sheathing and 1 layer of 3/4'' fir subfloor

I have 3 bags of Type S masonry mortar left over I want use
$24 is $24 right ? type S is portland and sand with some lime thrown in?
Can I nail down my lathe and build the low side up with
the type S and feather in with a self leveling product?
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thanks for your concern but sagging isn't the problem or the question
the question is " is using type S masonry the same as mixing sand and portland
to make a mud bed on galvanized lathe "
I have always dreaded taking out those old style mud beds
and have always wanted to use one to level a floor
will the "extra strength TYPE S be a problem?
I tried spreading some yesterday and you are correct. the lime makes it impossible to level .Thanks again
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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