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using masonry type S and lathe to level floor

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I need to raise one side of my bath 3/4'' to bring it to level..
before I lay the tile.
The house is a 1930's pier and beam with2x8 joist 24'' OC - 1x8 CM sheathing and 1 layer of 3/4'' fir subfloor

I have 3 bags of Type S masonry mortar left over I want use
$24 is $24 right ? type S is portland and sand with some lime thrown in?
Can I nail down my lathe and build the low side up with
the type S and feather in with a self leveling product?
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What's the clear span on the joist.
2 X 8's on 24" centers is not a great floor for any type of tile. Way under sized.
The right way to fix this would be by working under the floor to figure out the floor is sagging and fix that.
My guess would be because of the undersized and spaced to far apart joist.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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