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I am adding an addition to the side of my house, all DIY. I designed it myself (using Google Sketchup) and then had an architect go over my plans and give me correct sizing of lumber and other necessary info.

The architect spec'd out a double 2x10 "band beam" that would be thru-bolted to the existing house rim joist along it's length. (Existing house has 2x10 joists). We are using 9-1/2" I-joists for the new floor. Attached is a partial image of the plan.

My question is, does it make sense to use 9-1/2" LVL's (3" in thickness) or rim boards (each 1-1/8" thickness) instead? Or does it really not matter? I figure since I am using engineered I-joists, maybe I should also use engineered lumber for this too, to prevent any expansion/contraction issues later.

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