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I'm trying to create a rock wall around the tree in our front yard. Since it's in our front yard (where everyone sees it), the wall needs to be level, but the problem I'm having is our yard slopes down, plus the tree has some big roots that are starting to show above ground. I can't use landscaping rock around this tree because there are different low spots all around the tree and the rock wall would end up looking like a roller coaster. I was thinking about using fake stones that are flat on the top and bottom. Thought if I used different sizes, as I built the wall up - when I came to a low spot I could just add more rock in that one spot and I would be able to keep the wall level. Using the faux stones would keep the wall from being too heavy and would be easier to stack and keep level. However, the only faux stones I can find are the ones that you would put on the outside of your house. This is the only idea I can come up with to build this stone wall around the tree. Was just wondering if this made sense and if anyone had any ideas on where I could get the faux stones at a reasonable price...or if anyone has tackled this problem and what they did to get their wall level. BTW....this would be a wall that circles the tree, not a square wall. Thanks!
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