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Using a contractor from out-of-state

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We want to use a roofing contractor from out of state. What does
he need to replace our roof in Massachusetts as far as insurance, etc?
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As far as insurance I'd ask him for copy of the policy and contact the insuance company directly to varify he's covered to work out of state and the policy is in force. Get it in writing from the insuance company, do not just take his word for it.
As far as the licence he's going to need a MA licence to do the work.
MA is very strick on who does what.
A simple call to the building dept. can varify what he's going to need.
Out of state

I have been doing this for a long time, and I really believe that the only reason the state (any state) cares, is that they get any monies they have coming to them.

It is infinately more important that you do the following:

Have the proper type of roof specified for your particular situation.

Have the proper details for your situation.

Make sure the contractor is well versed in the application of that roof. Just because he can do asphalt shingles dosent he can do BUR.

If you ask him what NRCA stands for and he dosent know, run.

As long as he has liability insurance he should be OK

There is always the consideration of maintenance. No contractor likes to maintain a roof that he did not install, and I dont blame them.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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