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useing raceway for outdoor use?

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I want to add an outlet on my front lawn, I installed a brick wall and want to install lights under the lip of the wall. I got a price of 825.00 to run it under ground and i cant afford it now so I went to lowes and got 14-2 OUTDOOR gray wiring, also got a GFI and weatherproof box and cover. My question is can i use raceway and come out of a hole from my garage and attached to another wall run along the outside wall to the lawn?


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The only reason i didnt wanna go with PVC was cause it will be seen and wont look that good in the middle of my wall, the reason i wanted to go with the raceway was cause its smaller and after painted and clear caulked wont be noticed that much.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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