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Used Oil Based Primer on MDF - What kind of paint should I use?

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I made a component rack out of MDF and I put 3 layers of primer on it (Kilz Oil Based) and I now want to paint it black.

What level of sand paper should I run the Orbital Sander on the last layer of Oil Based primer that I used?

Also, what kind of paint should I use as far as oil based or "primer and paint all in one" or "water based" (I want to paint it black and I am going to use Cigar Foam paint rollers to paint it black)??

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Just our of curiosity why in the world you ever use 3 coats of oil based primer? Paint and primer is a joke just ask the salesperson what percentage is primer. Paint and primer is water based. And for sanding all you want to do is scuff the surface and as Schu said foam rollers really don't work.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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