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Used name brand tools for sale.

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Everything you'd find in a mechanics shop. They are from a shop that went out of business Rongo Auto. I have a arc welder, snap on and Craftsman sockets and wrenches and ratchets, I have 2 1000lbs engine stands and an engine hoist that's 3000lbs. I also have all kinds of specialty tools and leftover inventory like brake fluids oils transmission fluid etc.


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So you're saying you're a spammer?
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Your ad leaves a lot to be desired.

Why no prices ? I find a lot of stuff horribly over priced by some online sellers. No price, NO interest.

Where is this stuff? Someone that is located close to you may have more interest than someone that is cross country from you.

Tools and fluids are heavy. The shipping can cost more than the item is worth.
So you're saying you're a spammer?
I don't think ERICZ is a spammer....I think he is a very proud and successful hoarder.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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