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I have an ensuite washroom that is reverse "L" shaped. The door is on the right, the sink on the left (just inside door). The toilet is in a 60" x 30" recessed space.

We are tiling on top of tiles - is this ok? The plywood underneath looks like it's been wet at some point. This is a very small area - in total only 36 s.f. I think.

The contractor is advising centring an 18" tile in the doorway and put 6" pieces on either side where the toilet is.

I think it would look better if he uses 12" tiles and put one 6" piece.

Could I have some advice please? I thought you were only supposed to use large tiles for large areas? Isn't it better to minimize the number of cuts also?

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adam has a good point. If you know it was wet, do you know if it is rotted.

the reason for the 2 cuts is because it typically looks better to have symmetry. If you consider that, you would end up with 2 3" cuts, one being on either side. Small cuts show differences in the width more than a larger piece.

Ultimately, it is a matter of aesthetics though and since this is your house, you can ignore the guy that has been doing this for a lot of years and has had people tell him what looked good and what didn't or you can make your own decision on how you want it installed.
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