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We have 3 valves under sink. Yesterday, my mother told me it's leaking and I found only 2 were leaking from handle area. So, replaced them with new ones. Then this morning, other valve was leaking and can't seem to understand exactly what is problem to cause the problem in sequence.

I am petit woman, so it was challenge to replace these valves because it was located very deep behind food grinder.
But when I checked both new valves, seems no issue and no leakage.

I am not 100% determined where this leak is coming from.
I know the other valve which I did not replace had leak from valve. But possible there's other area too.

If we hve too strong of water pressure, can this cause to leak?

What can be issue to cause value leaks?

I am not sure why all of a sudden this is happening. We live in Seattle WA and it is winter, but it is not a freezing cold.

I am sure there's other possibilities, but am thinking it has something to do with water pressure because when I turned on main water valve, I did turn all the way.

If you have suggestion, please help me understand better.
I am going to look for plumber to call.

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Since we have no idea what the valve looks like I'll make a guess.
Most leak around the packing nut where the shaft comes out.
Just snug up the nut and it stops leaking. No need to over tighten.
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