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Upgrading Walkway with Wood Chips?

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Hi All,

I'm looking for some suggestions or input on the best way to handle landscaping for a short backyard path (photos attached). We are coming up on a year in this house and I'm finally able to begin tackling some outdoor projects.

In summary, the yard is fairly sloped and runoff is bad during heavy rains. The previous owner mulched this path, but I am thinking of using wood chips since they are cheaper and I'm not really concerned with color.

My plan is to level the path and lay a series of 2x4's in the soil at alternating angles to minimize erosion, covered by a base of fill dirt, and finally topped with wood chips. This area is very shaded and weed growth has not been a problem in the past, so I don't anticipate it being an issue. I understand that woods chips will degrade and need to be replaced annually, but I am basically looking for a solution around a muddy trail that is easy to maintain and still somewhat rustic looking.

Any experience with similar projects, feedback, or advice would be really helpful. Hopefully the photos help.



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