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Upgrading NG Service ~ inside plumbing

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Hello Experts and thank you for your time,

I recently went thru an oil to gas conversion. My gas supply company has informed me that they need to upgrade the service to my house to accommodate for the additional load. They are running the new line and installing the meter at no cost to me, but the new piping that needs to be done inside the house is my responsibility. i am no stranger to running gas lines and am very comfortable doing so myself. I pressure test all my work and have the blessing of the local town inspector to handle my own gas piping.

The existing service meter is in side my house. coming off of this meter into my house is 1" pipe which gets reduced to 3/4ths to feed the various appliances i have running off of it (Water Heater, Boiler, Stove, Dryer)

My Utility company is telling me that when they install the new meter, they want to see 2" black pipe coming thru the wall to the new service location outside my house.

Is it acceptable for me to tie this 2" pipe into the 3/4ths existing piping? I've never worked with 2' pipe before, so I dont know if there are different rules for this, or can i pipe it just like the 1" supply was done. Also, not sure i've ever seen a 2" to 3/4 tee but i never really looked either. I was also hoping to put a 2" shut off inside the house but cant seem to find those either.
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nevermind, figured it out. Sanity check, 2" trunk stepping down to 1" or 3/4" branches depending on load/drop. Sound about right?
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