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Are you increasing your connected load by double? In most cases, the POCO will not change anything ahead of the meter unless you are substantially changing the total connected load.

Call the electrician first. If you have doubts of what he says, then call the poco for confirmation.

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This was not the case for my house.

Back when the original service was installed underground in the 70s, 4/0 was installed

I just finished an upgrade to 400 amp service, and the POCO installed 4/0 in new conduit I the old was not in conduit and we are re-locating the transformer further from the house.

Your existing "line" will need to be upgraded to support the 400A service.

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Do you have a transformer on the property?
Or is it all from the pole?
Are all utilities in the area underground?
If the cost of as transformer upgrade (on your property) is your responsibility then the price will go up

I'd call the POCO 1st - that information will be free
Of course if you have an electrician like 220/221 who will find that information out for you - also for free - then you could do that
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