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Hi, I am a DIYer, have some electrical experience from flipping houses, and would like to think I am pretty good at picking things up. But I do have a question, or really a clarification that I need if I am thinking right on this project.

We are adding a Nest Hello doorbell and the current transformer is only 10v 5va. So we need to upgrade it to a 16v 30va (Hampton Bay 16VAC/30VA Transformer Compatible with All Video Door Bells-HB-130-03 - The Home Depot).

The old/current transformer has only two black wires that I can see. And if I am not mistaken, one is tied into a hot circuit breaker and one into the ground bar. However, the new transformer has 3 wires. I understand the black one should go to the same breaker and the ground should go on the ground bar (left side). The question: if it is correct that the new white wire should go I think it is the neutral bar on the right side in the picture.

I'd appreciate your alls expertise!

I will attach some pictures for a better idea and a drawing to see past the convoluted wiring.
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