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Update to water heater

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Added drip-legs to the valve and the pressure relief valve also drilled 1/8 hole in the bottom of the cap on the drip-leg for the pressure relief
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Were did that set up for the P and T come from? who suggested it??
water heater

A licensed plumber, that did the same thing to his apt's he has and had it inspected by the city and passed
A licensed plumber, that did the same thing to his apt's he has and had it inspected by the city and passed
Thats a new one for me makes no sense, defeating the code required upgrade on safety 2006 P&T discharge. what part of the country are you in? (code)
water heater

Im in NM city doesnt want to see standing water in that pipe so I had a drill a 1/8 hole in bottom of the cap
How much did you pay the inspector?

HWH: So its OK to have a Hot Jet of steam shooting out the hole in the cap? Kind of defeats the whole purpose don't it?

Gas: WHy did'nt you put the T with the main run downward, and the branch feeding the HWH?
I've heard of doing that before, if you have to take the T&P line vertical, so that the water doesn't sit against the outside of the valve and rot out the spring and seat and all that other fun stuff in there. I have also heard that it passes when there are no other options.

It probably would be better if the drainback line was plumbed to the outside though, or to a drain of some sort, but it seems to me that if you had to run the T&P up in the first place, you don't have that option. I would probably at least plumb it within 2 feet of the floor and put a 5 gal bucket under it for safety.
water heater

I thought about making it with a slight downward slope and refitting or connecting it inside the back wall... man.. that would be a heck of a job.. that was my 1st intention tho.. then that plumber said to do it this way.. and I asked him... ARE YOU SURE?? he said he just had his apt's inspected and he did it the same way and they passed.. this heater sits up in a closet type room about i say 16 off main foundation. soo running a line straight down from that T&P line where is that water going...all over my floor... it has a drain in the wall for the outside
The idea of the tee with a drain hole is done in my area as well. Though not a perfect code set up, it's the next best solution considering the line needs to run uphill.
About your gas- I don't see a valve. I assume it's there at the wall?
HWH; T & P pic: good job, looks good and it passes NM code. Can't ask for more than that.

It would have been nice if you put a union or quick disconnect close to T&P valve in case it ever goes bad. It would have made it a little easier to replace T&P valve instead of unsoldering pipe.

Gas; nice drip leg, and passes NM code.

I assume that the quick shut off is near the wall so you don't have to turn the gas off to the whole house if you need to work on hot water heater. Can't really tell from pic.

Good job Gred. I know you put a lot of time and effort into this project, and it paid off.
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