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unusual damper problem

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I have unusual spring-open dampers that use a length of notched plastic ribbon that winds around a spool where the damper motor (a Synchron) connects (see pic at Each damper blade has its own return spring (behind the orange plastic). The end of the plastic ribbon broke and the damper is now stuck in the open position.

The contractor that installed the system in 2008 is no longer in business. Another contractor that came to take a look said he'd never seen anything like this and proposed to replace the entire damper. This seems like overkill as everything but the small plastic ribbon is working fine so I'm hoping someone here can recognize the design or manufacturer.

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If you cannot get parts, or too hard to fix, yes easier to just replace.
I wouldn't mind replacing if the part was hard to find. The issue here is that I don't even know what to call it so I search for availability. :)
Can you remove it and re attach the spring? Have it riveted or welded?

It may just hook in and can be stretched slightly to re attach. Just a thought.
@techpappy can't do: upon further inspection, it looks like the ribbon is cut to size and both ends are "fattened" to jam into the black "roller" and the orange damper blade control, respectively. It's rubberized plastic so it can't be welded and it can't be glued because the break happened right at the roller (and it needs to be flexible + move frequently in 140+F heat). There is no more than 1mm of extra room inside the roller. The rest of the space is taken up by the motor drive shaft.

Quite a conundrum.
Sorry..Looked at your pic and have.been looking online for over 2 luck so far..maybe best to buy new but wait a little while to see if anyone can identify..also maybe remove unit to see if you can find mnfctrer's info.
sorry to say this....replace them all or later....just replace them... will always be an issue....ben sr
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