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I recently moved into my first house. Its about 25 years old and the couple who had it before my wife and I built it for their small retirement dream house. It's an amazing house Except, the basement. it was NEVER touched. my wife wants it 75% finished by the end of summer since I am a teacher and have all summer off.

I don't even know where to start. I have sketches of what she wants but am completely lost on how to start this monstrous project. I have a very basic understanding of this but these are the questions I have

1) level the concrete floors before I start to put up walls? or walls then floors?

2) the corner where my sump pump is going to be the "laundry room", anything I can do to make that look presentable?

3) furnace is smack dab in the middle planning on walling it in. with a door for access to it. any concern there?

4) terribly damp. small windows, little air. 2 de-humidifiers, still damp. what do I do?

5) there is a steel pole going length wise in the middle of the basement. put walls around it? or box it in with sheetrock?

6) god forbid we dont have a full bathroom down there. anything I can do to keep money in my pocket?
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