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I am attempting to put on new subfloor in my kitchen/kitchenette. Here is my issue:

There is two different additions that happened here, the first (with the red lines) is an addition put on in the 50's. This addition has settled a bit and all the joist in that side of the kitchen go from level (on the right side in the photo) to about 3/4 of an inch or so out of level to the other side. The area without the red lines (which are representing the direction of the sinking joists) is an addition put on in the 80's or early 90's, which is level. When we took down the wall there we realized we had a problem.

So the question is what do I do here? I am not necessarily looking for the easiest fix but the one that will provide the best outcome, (without knocking it down and starting over). A few things that came to our minds - sister the joists, "pack-out" the joists, Roppe Floor Levelor, just to name a few. What would you do in this situation? We are planning on nu-heat mats and tile throughout both areas.




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Hey Tom-

We just encountered this on a 1960's house we remodeled. The kitchen joists were sloping 3/4" from left to right across the floor.

We ripped up the subfloor and sistered the joists, bringing them from 0 to level with a laser.

We also had crawlspace access and had an engineer come in to make sure there weren't pier issues or anything crazy going on.

All they found was some minor settling along the outside wall foundation, and in their opinion they didn't expect much more settling or movement out of that area anytime soon.

Sounds like thats what you have going on, too.
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