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My house is about 40 years old. I removed the old sink/cabinet and installed a new one that is a foot less wide. I now have a 6" inch gap on either side between the cabinet and the wall.

The bathroom walls were covered with some type of plastic/vinyl? wall board that has a faux marble look (which I have painted over). The person who installed the old sink failed to use this wall board where the old sink covered the wall.

I need to know
1) if anyone knows what type of wall board/covering that I am talking about

2) is it still available

3) if not, what can I use to remedy the situation

I will attempt to post a picture. I realize that my explanation has not been particularly well-phrased. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I'm going to guess that it is just hardboard paneling. You can still buy it at Lowes or HD. Since you are painting it anyway, it won't matter what color you get. The only difference after all these years may be the thickness. You might have to shim the new stuff out to match.
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