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The poured 8" concrete wall on the right is going to be pinned or replaced. It cracked from clay soil and leans inward 2" at worst point. We'll backfill with 1" clean to prevent recurrence.

The wall opposite camera has a thin crack that starts at I beam notch. Just to right of stairs, in the shadow. This crack leaks during rainfall so it need to be filled/saled from the interior or exterior. This is the wall between house and garage. The top of garage slab is about 16" abive ground level. The water starts to come in around back yard ground level. The crack is about 7' from back yard.

I'd like to know source of water before I have crack sealed. All i can thick of is 1) hose testing and 2) cutting out garage slab nearest to house and watching for water path.

Any other ideas?


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