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Uninstalled new porcelain tile with black spots

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Help! We recently bought Italian porcelain tile from Craigslist and when we got it home 1/2 of the tiles have black spots on them. NOTHING removes them, including sandpaper. Is there any help for us? Thanks, Alice
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Got a picture?
How big are the spots, what do they look like?
Don't go using sandpaper on them.:)

"Italian" Porcelain huh? Is it Porcelanato?
Hi Bud

I will post a pic tomorrow as I lent my camara out. The spots are tiny, I would best describe it as a rash. Some of the tiles have it just on one edge, others are totally covered. The tile is Kerex 01RS02 09RS02 Parana 482-1 They are 4 X 4s. The tiles say made in Italy. Thanks for your help. Alice
Black spots on unistalled tile

Here is a pic of a good tile and a bad tile. Sure hope you can help me. Alice


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That's the way the tile was made. Some tiles come with more range in their color, some tiles are very uniform. These are ones with a little variety. Lay some out and you'll see. Mix the tiles up on the floor so there isn't any particular pattern to where the black dotted ones happen to fall.
Next time, go to a good tile shop and get exactly what you want and know what you are getting at the same time.
Mike Hawkins:)
Yup!:) There's nothing wrong with those tiles that I can see from just two of them. There is a big contrast. Just pay attention to how and where you place them. I think you are looking at individual tiles and for some reason rejecting the tiles individually. In some cases you have to consider the overall field of tiles not each tile by itself.:) Install them in total random fashion. Or...sell them on Craigslist.:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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