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unfinished cement basement

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What are the pros and cons for using the WaterGuard system versus the older conventional interior waterproofing system that goes down deeper to the footer?
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1st, what IS the waterguard system ? ? ? :huh: do you have a link OR is it the extrusion hustled by basement systems' licensees ? ? ?
Just paint the interior with White Elastomeric roofing, this stuff has all the qualities, elastic, aggressive adhesion, water stable. Goes on easy, apply liberally and two coat. The goal to put material on the wall.
this may be an abandoned thread however the last post begs a response,,, ' paint the interior with white elastomeric roofing ' stuff may be a solution depending on the resistance to hydrostatic pressure it has,,, IF the magic stuff's applied to a roof, that's the positive side of wtr - inside on a bsmt wall, that's the negative side,,,,,, but it won't stop collecting/leaking water UP thru a floor NOR will it prevent wtr from leaking thru the floor/bsmt wall til it reaches the ' magic stuff ',,, that's where it'll be free to wreak its damage on the structure unbeknownst to the owner :furious:cheap, ineffective way to resolve this imo but what do i know - did make a living at itfor 25 yrs :yes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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