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Unfinished Basement build out

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I have an unfinished basement and planning to finish it, with a small kitchen and bathroom in mind. They will be on opposite walls though, that is where I am stuck.

I have attached pictures of what I'm trying to do.

I'll be using a saniflo pump for the bath which accepts sink/toilet/shower and discharges behind the toilet.

What I need help with is to figure out how to tie into the sewer pipe. The utility sink will be moved, so should I consider using that as my discharge outlet? How would I vent it?

Also, over to where I'll be moving the utility sink has a cleanout cover. How can i tap into that to convert it into a discharge for the utility sink? Would a bushing work?

Finally, i need to run a pipe along the front wall and somehow tap into the sewer line that runs parallel to the side wall. What advice do you guys have to get that done? I'm considering a mini vent for the sink, because I don't have any vent pipes over there.

Thanks in advance.