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Uneven Slate Kitchen Floor

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Several years ago, before we were married, my husband laid a slate floor in the kitchen. Slate comes in different heights and there are a couple of break your neck tiles in there. Big danger.

I really don't want to rip it up, what I want is a concrete floor. Is there anyway we can do an overlay? If so can you provide ideas and instruction? If not concrete is there some sort of product, self leveling, that we can put over the tile to even out the floor?

I'm doing a "design on a dime" type of remodel and am desperate to even out this floor, I've almost tripped several times!! Thanks in advance.


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Sorry---rip it out and grind off the old thinset with a diamond cup---

Nothing will bond well enough to give you a safe solid floor on top of the slate---

Self leveling compound is soft and can not be used as a wear surface,

We have a few concrete experts here--Let's see if there is some product that I am not familiar with----
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