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I moved to a new apartment in a converted building. The interior walls seem to have been poorly done


Can someone please tell me what the most likely cause of these cracks are and if possible some solutions to fix them?

Thanks :smile:


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I'd get permission from the property owner first.
If it's OK then all that old tape needs to be cut along the outside edges and removed.
Wall sanded, cleaned to get the dust off.
I'd add some more screws before retaping.
It's going to take 3 thin coats of drywall compound.
Start with a 6" wide knife, then at least 10" for the next two coats.
If it's done right you should only have to sand the last coat.
Then it all needs to be primed one coat and 2 coats or wall paint.
Often the whole wall will need to be repainted to get it all the same finish and color even if you used some of the left over paint.
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